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In Absolute Darkness We Brooded on the Origin and the Destiny of the Galaxies”


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The title is from science fiction novel Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon. This work explores a history of life in the universe, and of the human species over two billion years. It tackles philosophical themes such as the essence of life, of birth, decay and death. A pervading theme is that of progressive unity within and between different civilizations. The world needs music. Now more than ever. I hope you enjoy it.

Songs, artwork by Danny Peck. Mastered by Scott Barnett. Hear 5 of the 12 songs below.

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  1. 1 Beneath The Stars 03:45 Info
  2. 2 Look Up 04:24 Info
  3. 3 Morning 03:46 Info
  4. 4 Starlight Starbright 05:03 Info
  5. 5 Four Minutes Of Solitude 04:00 Info

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