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stem: (n)

  1. The main body or stalk of a plant or shrub, typically rising above ground.
  2. In music, stems are subgroups of similar sound sources. Such stems may consist of all of the string instruments, a full orchestra, just background vocals, only the percussion instruments, a single drum set, or any other grouping that may ease the task of the final mix.

This project a collection of songs that have been reworked, rewritten and/or reimagined using original stems (instrumental parts) from each song. The stems were combined with dep’s own original arrangements and instrumentations (and sometimes vocals) to completely reimagine the music, with the end goal of ending up with something completely different than the original piece of music. It was an honor to work with these artists and to approach these pieces anew.

Special thanks to:

* stephaniesid
* paper tiger
* sonmi
* kodaline
* bon iver
* olafur arnalds
* alligator indian
* ty gilpin
* ben steed