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Download Rivers & Ghosts here

Rivers & Ghosts is an album over a year in the making.

My intention from the beginning was to continue coming back to this collection of songs. I re-worked them when necessary, re-recorded them often, and worked diligently to polish these to their current state. Now the album is done. It’s a bittersweet relief.

The inspiration for this album is far-reaching and complex. The last two years have been those of love and loss, of evolution and beauty, sorrow and growth. Great happiness and great sadness both form parts of the album’s tapestry.

There are many people to thank here. First and foremost, I thank my listeners and fans that have reached out to me. Your words inspire me in so many ways. One listener told me that I helped him find beauty in the world again; that I changed the way he looks at life. Another listener told me that, while listening to one of my songs, was able to finally cry for the loss of a loved one. It’s safe to say that I could stop writing today and feel 100% satisfied, accomplished and validated as an artist. One-half of the reason why I make music is for my own personal need for self-expression, but the other half is to share it with people like you. So I thank you for being an audience for me.

I’m always grateful for my family and friends, old and new, that continue to support me — whether it’s a big show or a small one — having you there is so important (Chris, I’m still sorry that venue made you take your shoes off. It really was out of my control :) ). Whether you’re there physically or there in spirit, thanks. To Bob, thanks for all the support, and for helping out so much in so many ways! To Kim, thank you for being a source of support and inspiration, and for listening to this album over. and over. and over. and over. and over. and over again without so much as a hint of fatigue; if you were tired of hearing it, you never showed it.

All music produced, written, recorded and mixed by Danny Peck
Mastered by Brian Lucey (Magic Garden Mastering)