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Ever Looming (10 songs, 50 minutes): 10 original songs.


1. Stretched for Home (6:20)
2. Last Known Surroundings (5:46)
3. Steep Hill of Tears (5:12)
4. The Sun Has Gone Dim (4:07)
5. A Faithful Reprieve (3:42)
6. Burnout Awakening (3:29)
7. Still the One Direction (6:18)
8. Eg Anda (7:15)
9. 5am (5:12)
10. Album Blank Pages (3:03)

All music written, recorded and mastered by Danny Peck
Violinist David Sabogal
Guest Vocalist Stephanie Morgan (on Last Known Surroundings)

Ever Looming is my first album of 2013.  In a lot of ways, it feels like a true debut album. I truly feel as if this is a culmination of my entire creative journey up to this point.  I’ve spent the last 16 years finding my voice as an artist and producer.  This album really feels, to me, like the music I’ve always wanted to make.

First, I’d like to thank Janice Peery for her exceptional album art.  I gave her a rough mix of the album and said “come up with something.”  Not only did she take the idea and run with it, she produced something that was truly breathtaking.  It just fits the music perfectly.  Janice was also so good as to come up with the album title, Ever Looming.  Not only is she an incredible artist, but she’s a fantastic friend as well, and I’m lucky to know her.

A big thank you to my brother Bob for listening to each iteration of the album and keeping me motivated.  We’re working on some video projects to support this album (coming later!), and just in general, he’s always been very supportive.  He’s barely missed a performance in all these years.

One of the compositions on this album, “Last Known Surroundings” features vocals by stephaniesǐd front-lady (and total sweetheart) Stephanie Morgan. She’s supremely talented and I feel very fortunate to have had the pleasure of collaborating with her on this composition — one that has become very dear to me.

The composition “5am” features violinist David Sabogal. Thank you for coming in on short notice and for being the missing piece in this song.

I’d like to thank one of my dearest friends, Randy Link, for also being a beta tester and giving feedback during the production of the album.

I give thanks to Kim. Always my muse and inspiration — who listens to my music on loop in the car for the last 4 months without ever tiring or complaining, and for always telling me that I make your favorite music.  I love you! :)

Last and certainly not least, I thank you.  Music truly doesn’t exist until it’s heard by others.  So thank you — from me — for making my music exist.

Thank you for listening.

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