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Gorgeous sunrise this morning, so I snapped this one.  Vacation at the beach has been nice, despite having a head cold.

My next album is coming soon. My 20th album. I’ve been tweaking and re-touching it for quite a while now, but it’s getting very close. The art is currently under development and I’m continuing some collaborations to really bring the music to life.

This is a huge departure album. It’s completely unlike anything I’ve ever done, and that departure (or liberation, as it feels like) has been a driving inspirational force for me. The freedom to make whatever type of art it is that you want to make is truly freeing. At the end of the day, you make the stuff you make for you, and if you’re lucky enough as an artist to have friends along for the ride, well that’s the ultimate experience in creating something. This album does come at the risk of alienating my current listeners. If you don’t like the new album, I apologize for it. I hope you do, though, because I’ve never been more excited or more proud of the production.

I’m also mastering it in surround sound. That has been an interesting learning experience as well. I think it elevates the production quality tenfold.

So the gloves are off, in other words. This is it. This, for me, is the big one. It all comes down to this.

The Ever Looming “Remixed” Contest (Deadline EXPIRED: November 1st, 2013)

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This remix contest is complete. I’m putting the compilation together now. I’ll announce it here at once it’s complete and available. Thank you to everyone who participated.

I’ve prepared individual stems from all of the songs from 2013′s Ever Looming and am excited to announce the start of the Ever Looming Remix Contest. All styles and genres are encouraged!

How it Works

1. Download the stems for the song you want.
2. Do whatever you want with them.
3. Send the finished product to

Selections will be featured on an exclusive Spotify compilation album.  Due to popular request, the new deadline is November 1, 2013.

Without further ado, here are the stems:

  1. Stretched for Home: 150bpm
  2. Last Known Surroundings: 160bpm
  3. Steep Hills of Tears: 120bpm
  4. The Sun Has Gone Dim: 170bpm
  5. A Faithful Reprieve: 130bpm
  6. Burnout Awakening: 110bpm
  7. Still the One Direction: 180bpm
  8. Eg Anda: 130bpm
  9. 5am: 120bpm
  10. Album Blank Pages: 110bpm

Last Known Surroundings (single)

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A tune from Ever Looming and then 3 other song candidates for Ever Looming that didn’t quite fit in, but I wanted to release them all the same.

Fleur Noguera (Smoke), a short film

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Animation by Nicolas Lichtlé, Music from Ever Looming.

Film Production: Centre d’art de la Chapelle Saint-Jacques / Saint-Gaudens