You’re just one step away from downloading any of the albums for free. Inside are mp3s, uncompressed WAV files. The works. Simply choose a destiny below. If you sign up you’ll be emailed a download link immediately. Please note, I’ll only use your email address to communicate album releases (a handful each year) and will not give your email address to anyone.

Why do I ask for this? Building a mailing list and learning about who is listening is something far more valuable to me than profiting from the music. My music is simply a labor of love. If you sincerely do not want to share your email address, well that’s ok, too.


“I’m happy to sign up for your mailing list to hear about new albums in exchange for access to all of your music!”

Not so yay.

“I don’t want to give any information to you, but I still want to download your music.”