[RELEASE] It all comes down to this

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It all comes down to this by dep It all comes down to this (Download) — This is my 20th album.  It’s about the things that people usually make songs about. It’s about love, life, growing up, getting on, making mistakes and living with them.  It’s about losing everything in order to find anything.  They are […]

Coming soon…

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Gorgeous sunrise this morning, so I snapped this one.  Vacation at the beach has been nice, despite having a head cold. My next album is coming soon. My 20th album. I’ve been tweaking and re-touching it for quite a while now, but it’s getting very close. The art is currently under development and I’m continuing […]

The Ever Looming “Remixed” Contest (Deadline EXPIRED: November 1st, 2013)

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This remix contest is complete. I’m putting the compilation together now. I’ll announce it here at dep.fm once it’s complete and available. Thank you to everyone who participated. I’ve prepared individual stems from all of the songs from 2013′s Ever Looming and am excited to announce the start of the Ever Looming Remix Contest. All styles […]

Last Known Surroundings (single)

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A tune from Ever Looming and then 3 other song candidates for Ever Looming that didn’t quite fit in, but I wanted to release them all the same.