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I’ve been making music since probably right around 1994. That’s when I had the realization that I could use our family’s computer to make music on. From that point on, it was something of an obsession. It still is. I’ve always been compelled to make music, and since I started playing with notation software and old DOS style trackers, I taught myself to play guitar and piano, and it just grew from there. I always try to learn new techniques, new equipment, new instruments, new ways of making sounds and then blending them together. I like to use an array of electronic toys and gadgets to create atmospheric and melodic soundscapes, often trying to juxtapose them with rhythms.

My methodology with making music has always been to start from the ground-up, building a song around my own individual samples that I pull from various field recordings. This is how I make my rhythm and instruments, transforming knocks, bleeps and bloops in to the percussive elements. This is why you might sometimes hear bits from chirping birds, door creaks, and dish clinks.

A whole separate challenge is how to re-create these compositions on a live stage through an array of loop pedals, live effects, keyboards, and other electronic gadgets. Getting on a stage and performing is a completely different ballgame than working in a studio, and I admit I’m not the best at it, but I try my best up there ¬†Putting myself out there isn’t easy, but it’s a good exercise. Those who I am so fortunate to have seen over and over again at various shows are on this journey with me, and I’m happy to have them there.

I’ve been so happy to meet so many amazing people, and have some friends out there that I can consider true, loyal fans. Every now and then I get an email from someone with some personal story about how my music has brought a little something special to their lives. That’s what inspires me to continue to post my music online.

So I maintain this website and I work to stay active here in my hometown of Asheville, NC, and its very fascinating electronic music scene. Thanks for stopping by and for listening. ¬†You’d be surprised how difficult it is to compell people to simply stop and listen.