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Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in All, Releases, Updates | permalink

It all comes down to this (Download) — This is my 20th album.  It’s about the things that people usually make songs about. It’s about love, life, growing up, getting on, making mistakes and living with them.  It’s about losing everything in order to find anything.  They are stories often told through the lens of war as a metaphor. Songs with messages about rising above the tough times.  How it’s time to apologize and stop the fighting.  Find strength where there is none. Be thankful for what we have.  Never let go of what you believe in.  It all comes down to this also has a dual meaning for me, personally. It’s symbolic of my creative journey and my life’s work that has culminated to this moment.

It’s different than anything I’ve done up to this point. The songs all contain vocals, for one.  They’re far brighter and more structured than much of the soundtrack-driven orchestral works that I’ve been producing as of late. It’s a break from all that. It’s mostly bright and upbeat.

Track list (Click here for the lyrics):

  1. All I Know (3:37)
  2. Forever and Ever (4:51)
  3. If You’ll Stay (4:42)
  4. It All Comes Down to This (5:21)
  5. It Goes On (4:28)
  6. Totenfeier (5:06)
  7. Make It Be (feat. Stephanie Morgan) (3:36)
  8. The Lucky Ones (3:13)
  9. Japello (4:26)
  10. We’re Hiding Out Today (3:56)
  11. Rollercoaster (2:57)
  12. Lions (4:33)
  13. I’ll Be Waiting (4:41)

Special thanks:

  • To Kim: for your endless patience with me, for your forgiveness, and for listening to this album over and over and over again with an enthusiasm that never wavered even for a moment. You kept me inspired and pushing forward, my muse!
  • To Stephanie Morgan for her amazing vocals and for elevating that song to the next level.
  • To my brother Bob for also listening to the album along the way and for providing feedback. Also for helping me record Stephanie’s vocals at a real studio.
  • To Rudy Murdock for the amazing album art. Details below.
  • To my listeners near and far. You are a fantastic close-knit group of people and I cherish every one of you. Thank you for being active listeners and true friends.

About the album art:

I’d like to introduce you to a brilliant visual artist and painter based out of Indonesia named Rudy Murdock (facebook, twitter). He totally got it, I think. Desperate robotic hands pull apart the foliage to expose a post apocalyptic landscape, but just beyond, the hope of a new place. Some last great refuge amongst the wasteland. A fresh start. A new beginning.

Born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. With his background graphic design education, he is a freelance designer, painter and musician with 3 full length albums of his own. His painting works or song always talk about the social conditions, environment and political. His works are frequently talked about protest against something deviant. Since his first art exhibition in 1996 he poured his works of mixed media, collages and acrylic on the fragments of illustration or even an imaginary figure drawn rhythmically.

He is often positioning himself randomly and blindly about the angle and episode, figures, imaginary, symbols, and shapes embodiment. Through his art, he invites the viewer on the secret odyssey about whom, when and why.