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So I’m Andy Gowland, I’m a middle-aged, happily married, architectural technician living near Glastonbury in the UK. People pay me to design buildings, but I also dabble in graphic design, 3d modelling/rendering and digital art. I also consider myself an electronic musician, although I’ve had to put my studio in boxes so I can self-build an extension to my house. You can check out my deviantArt page and my soundcloud here or

At the moment probably about eight hours of music a day, I’m doing a lot of jack hammering, breaking up concrete and the only thing that breaks the tedium of that is having headphones on under my ear defenders. Currently I have a playlist on my phone consisting of some Northcape tracks (well worth a listen, free downloads here) Dep’s Start Loving the Robots (I like the irony of listening to ‘I will not ever make a sound’ whilst jack hammering) a Hidden orchestra mix tape, Manuel Gottschings E2-E4, Younger brother – Vaccine and Array Volume 1.

I love that music can take me out of myself, it can enhance or change my mood. I love that I can make sounds and music that I find pleasing. I love listening to new music and find sites like the mahogany blog and invaluable for that (although is annoying me by only allowing subscribers to stream using their android app… curse you!!)

Aspire (work in progress) by Dawn of Reality

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