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To listen, click the play button above (flash is required). You can also download the album for free by filling out the form below. It’s also on iTunes.

My Quiet Life tells the story of my continued transition in to a new home and a new life. The sounds were recorded in and around my home here in Asheville, NC. This release is an EP, so it’s shorter than the others that I’ve released lately, but it’s 6 tracks of glitchy beats, gentle melodies, and is hopefully something that you’ll enjoy.

I am part way in to my next major release, and I hope to release that one in January. Until then, take care.

Many thanks to Randy Link for the photography for the cover.

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  1. ugo capeto melodic electronica
    December 8, 2010

    i’ve just listened to the 1st track and i can tell you that i really like it. i am a big fan of layering a bunch of melodic lines and this is exactly it. Keep going at it!

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