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Posted by on Oct 24, 2010 in All, Updates | permalink

Halloween weekend in Asheville promises to be one of the biggest weekends in electronic music festival history. International acts are converging from across the globe, from Iceland to Tijuana. Fans of the genre will be descending upon the town in droves, seeking out some of the most aurally stimulating tunes that are being made today. Historically, where there are parties, there are even better after-parties. A Night of Stunning Sound is one such after-party.

Organized and presented by Asheville-native Danny Peck (aka. “dep”), A Night of Stunning Sound is set to kick off at 10pm on Saturday night, October 30, and will feature several of the best underground live electronic acts that you’re likely to see that weekend. The show is set to run until 4am and promises to deliver massive ear-fulls of bass via a top-notch, custom-developed sound system provided by Charlotte-headquartered Core Technologies. On top of some of the most glorious, ear-tickling sound you’re likely to hear, you’ll also experience unique visual effects provided by OptiMystic video.

Danny has described the event’s music as “live experiments in bass and electronica,” meaning this isn’t your typical DJ event. Instead, the musicians involved are hoping to create something more interesting by creating live electronic music using instruments, synthesizers, and other digital and analog gadgetry. The artists involved are known for doing this with incredible, jaw-dropping results. Ja’Maul Redmond (Activ-Analog Records / Detroit Techno Militia), Jeff Nagel (aka. Spytek), Kris Krause (both representing Outside Recordings), Epic Beat Lab, and dep himself will be bringing their favorite creations to life, and it’s sure to be a magical event not to miss.

The event is taking place inside Asheville’s River Arts district at The Phil Mechanic Studios / Flood Gallery (109 Roberts St, Asheville, 28801). Their music space is beautiful and unique, and will most definitely be a wonderful space for this event. If you have not been by the Flood Gallery, you really must check it out. They have hosted many great shows.

The River Arts district is fast becoming the “Moogfest alternative” part of Asheville, where locals have organized a river-side music festival complete with music and camping called RogueFest, where local music lovers and creatives are putting on something of an “artistic protest” to the official Moogfest weekend, which many involved feel is over-priced and over-hyped.

A Night of Stunning Sound will only set you back $10, which definitely beats the high ticket price of the actual Moogfest events, and what’s more, the event’s proceeds are being donated directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in honor of October’s “breast cancer awareness” month. You’ll not only be supporting your local artists, you’ll also be funding cancer-stopping research. It’s a win-win! They are also running other promotions to lower your price. See for details (and to click-through to the official Facebook event page). Beer and wine will be served at the venue and included with the cover, though donations are appreciated, as they will also be going to support the cause.

This event promises to be a one-of-a-kind event, and will most certainly be an experience you will not want to miss.