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stem: (n)

  1. The main body or stalk of a plant or shrub, typically rising above ground.
  2. In music, stems are subgroups of similar sound sources. Such stems may consist of all of the string instruments, a full orchestra, just background vocals, only the percussion instruments, a single drum set, or any other grouping that may ease the task of the final mix.


This project a collection of songs that have been reworked, rewritten and/or reimagined using original stems (instrumental parts) from each song. The stems were combined with dep’s own original arrangements and instrumentations (and sometimes vocals) to completely reimagine the music, with the end goal of ending up with something completely different than the original piece of music. It was an honor to work with these artists and to approach these pieces anew.

Special thanks to:

* stephaniesid http://www.stephaniesid.com/
* paper tiger https://papertigerband.bandcamp.com/
* sonmi https://soundcloud.com/sonmimusic
* kodaline http://www.kodaline.com/home
* bon iver http://boniver.org/
* olafur arnalds http://olafurarnalds.com/
* alligator indian https://alligatorindian.bandcamp.com/
* ty gilpin http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tygilpin
* ben steed https://bensteed.bandcamp.com/

CHARLIE TRAVELER PRESENTS: stephaniesĭd & dep @ The Mothlight

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WHERE: The Mothlight 701 W Haywood Rd, West Asheville, North Carolina 28806
WHEN: Friday October 17
WHAT: pop-noir / experimental
COVER: $8adv. / $12 day of show
DOORS: 8pm
AGES: 21+
WEB EVENT: http://themothlight.com/stephaniesid/

Find tickets here.


stephaniesĭd, born in 2004, lives in Asheville, NC and makes pop music for “the darkness in you that’s trying to find the light.” The band possesses all the proper tools needed to create well-crafted songs and beautiful recordings. The music explores both the melancholy and triumph of human life and love, the players being equally faithful stewards of large, intoxicating swells and infectious, danceable melodies. Recordings affix weepy synthesizers, vibraphone lines, guitars, thick bass notes, quirky keyboard sounds, horns, and coquettish, curly, tenacious female vocals. The live show is unabashed energy funneled through Iowa-birthed and Texas-raised former gymnast Stephanie Morgan (vox, guitar, synth), southerner Chuck Lichtenberger (keys/vox/bass pedals), and Maine-born Tim Haney (drums), and a collective cast of other players.

The band stands out in Asheville, NC, a city widely known for its musical soul, where they have been voted “Best Rock Band” in the reputable Mountain Xpress poll 4 years in a row.

stephaniesid has released 5 full-length albums, has had songs featured on Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie”, Team Ibex’s “The Red Helmet”, and The Weather Channel, as well as on numerous indie films and compilations. The band’s music was the subject of a rock ballet in their hometown of Asheville, NC, and the band founded the indie pop festival called POPAsheville.

“…a rather transcendent set …the band was different, melodic, quirky, and just plain good…. A sleeper act 
which hit the mark with an almost Bjork-like panache.” 
–Bonnaroo Beacon

“[For breakout song of the summer] Wilco’s new song ‘You Never Know’ is a strong contender for me, as is Stephaniesid’s ‘Bullet Train.'”
–Dan Reed, WXPN Philadelphia 

“Sharp writing!” — David Dye, World Cafe/NPR

“The band’s non-pandering brand of pop …is intricately, artfully textural and full of surprises.”
–CityBeat, Cincinnati

“…a mesmerizing mix of songs that can be hushed and calm one moment, and then suddenly dark and explosive the next.” 
– Robin Hilton, NPR All Songs Considered

“The songs move from intimate to anthemic… effortlessly poetic letters…acute insights … shimmering synth hooks and smoothly shifting melodic textures… difficult to classify but easy to love.” 
–Wayne Robins, Billboard 

“Fierce, siren-like intensity…voracious appetite for rhythm… a band that isn’t afraid to risk being innovative to put out something truly personal.” 
–Harp Magazine (now Blurt)

“Dig It: A Scandinavian Pop princess gets lost in the American South and is rescued by a Jazz quartet.”
–CityBeat, Cincinnati

“They seem to have a thing for those instruments not easily associated with the musical zeitgeist… [three of their singles] would be on the podium if this were my Olympics and I was holding a collection of medals.”


Asheville music producer dep has been writing and releasing music for over a decade, mostly to an ever growing, underground and rabidly loyal fan base. dep utilizes electronic sounds matched with his original piano and guitar arrangements to create atmospheric and melodic soundscapes that possess a unique emotional power. 

With his new release It All Comes Down to This, dep adds his vocal talents to his music and creates a body of work that is accessible and unforgettable. With pop mentalities clever melodies and lyrics, the new release has a catchy familiarity more so than any of his work to date. The 12 song album surges with power at times, oozes elegance at others. The result is a reflection of dep’s sense of depth and beauty. 

“ I don’t like canned beats or loops. I want to make everything from the ground up, and I’ve been aspiring to do just that with each piece. I’ve always found that the final product is much more personally satisfying when I work this way.”

Live, as in his studio arrangements, dep has a highly emotional element that is palpable, dynamic and interesting. 

“.. it’s almost as if I’m exposing myself to people who want to come to my personal journey of self-discovery. So the shows are what they are: honest, heart-felt renditions, and a snapshot of where I am right now with all of this. Those who I am so fortunate to have seen over and over again at various shows are on this journey with me, and I’m happy to have them there.”

It’s hard to say how the result can be described or even categorized. 

Great original work always defies labels and dep’s music deserves to escape them. The music is the extension of an original artist that you need to hear and feel.

“THE VISIONARIUM” – Dep w/ Luzius Stone, New Color, Starspinner, and more TBA

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I’ll be playing at the Asheville Music Hall on July 10th!  Full details here.  Also here’s the Facebook Event link.

WorldLine’s Album Release Celebration with dep & Tin Foil Hat

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$8 advance / $10 at the door (cash). Ticket price includes a copy of the band’s new album, Compass Sky. General Admission. Some seating available. Standing Room. WorldLine’s dynamic brand of Science-Fiction Rock and Roll will provide the soundtrack to a multi-sensory experience that includes live artists, video projection, and a psychedelic light show. Join the band for this exciting adventure and a celebration of the Arts, a truly unique Asheville experience.

More information here.